Clone an existing repository

Git tracks all of the files which are contained by a folder (including sub-directories, sub-sub-directories, etc). To start working on an existing repository, you'll need to grab a copy of that folder and all of its history. This is called cloning.

There are two things you're going to need:

  1. The URL you want to clone from
    • This acts like the "phone number" which git will call to ask for the latest version.
    • Later on, we'll show you how to upload changes you make to this URL.
    • If you want a toy project, use as your URL - it's the actual source to this website!
  2. The folder on your computer where you're going to put the clone

Go to wherever you'd like to put your clone, and right-click -> Git -> Clone. This will open a dialog where you can put the URL, and DiffPlug is happy to make a new destination folder for you if you want. Once the download completes, you'll have your shiny new clone.

Right-click and clone an existing repository

Hint: You can't put a git repository inside another repository. If you don't see Clone as an option, you're probably inside an existing repository, and you need to move up to a higher folder.