Move a single commit

A commit is a snapshot of all the files in a project. If you compare a commit against its parent, then it becomes a list of files which were created, deleted, and changed.

Technically, it is impossible to move a commit - once a commit is created, it can be forgotten, but never modified. However, we can create a new commit which contains the same files or a new commit which contains the same changes as an existing commit.. This is effectively the same as moving it, with the added advantage that the old commit will hang around for a few weeks in case we change our mind.

If you right-click a commit, DiffPlug will give you these options:

Options What does it do?
Apply files Branch Marks a moveable spot in history and makes new commits. There are lots of ways to use a branch, and we'll show you all of them.
Remote branch Remote branch Keeps track of where a friend's branch is. You can't move it directly - it gets moved automatically when you download or upload from your friend's repository.
Tags Tag (a.k.a. permanent branch) Marks a permanent spot in history.

Moving the files in a commit

Moving the changes in a commit

Moving the inverse of the